1) General Clause

Our sales are subject to these Terms and Conditions which shall prevail over any conditions of purchase unless otherwise formal and express our part.

2) Confidentiality

Studies, specifications and documents delivered or sent by us, remain our property and may not be disclosed to third parties for any reason whatsoever by the buyer.

3) Shipping - Transport

Unless otherwise agreed, delivery is deemed to be made in our warehouses or stores. If for any reason whatsoever, "PC-A-DOMICILE" can not deliver, the buyer can claim restitution of the price has advanced without compensation of any kind whatsoever.

The deadlines for the delivery of orders are for reference unless otherwise expressly accepted by us. Delay in supply can result in the cancellation of the sale or result in a payment of damages.

In any case and whatever our own responsibility commitments can not go beyond that of our suppliers.

Whatever the conditions of sale, method of shipment or delivery, our goods always travel at the risk of the recipient who it belongs to all reservations to the carrier upon receipt, our liability shall not in any case be in due to fact of destruction, damage, loss, theft, occurred during transport.

4) Prices - Terms of payment - Penalties-Cash

Unless otherwise stated, prices are payable in cash. Assets are valid for 1 year.

notice of change of a client - error due to the client: a credit is made.

nonconforming product, unavailable to beyond 15 days: refund within 7 days.

right of retraction: 7 days return fees charged to the client.

In case of default, as a penalty clause and the application of the law 92-1442 of 31 December 1992, as amended, the buyer will be legally liable for a penalty for late payment calculated by applying the all monies due, an interest rate equal to 3 times the legal interest rate.

5) Late-payment penalty clause

In case of payment made after the invoice date of the invoice, unless special and that resulting from the application of this Article penalties at the rate of two times the legal interest rate is 5.48% will be applied after 8 days notice was unsuccessful but that this penalty may be less than € 107.

Interest at the legal rate per month of delay accrue the expiration of eight days mentioned above.

Court costs and fee will be charged to the customer.

6) Warranty

Goods sold are contractually guaranteed by the manufacturer

7) rebates

Accordance with the legislation in force, the VAT refund can be done:

- Upon presentation of the buyer under the copy customs administration;

- After deducting a lump sum management fee equal to 1% of the gross amount of the invoice.

8) Liability

Limitation of Liability

Unless contrary to public order "PC-A-DOMICILE" will not be responsible for the occurrence of any damage of any kind resulting directly or indirectly from the use or inability to use the products and including:

"PC-A-DOMICILE" will not be responsible for the occurrence of any special, indirect or incidental, such as reduced production, loss or corruption of data, loss of income and even if "PC-A-DOMICILE" has been advised of the possibility of such damages or losses.

"PC-A-DOMICILE" will not be liable for any injury or damage, loss or destruction of any property, damage or expense originating from direct or indirect use, misuse or inability to use the customer products and this independently or in combination with other products or commercial loss of any nature whatsoever and shall have no obligation to provide replacement products.

9) Settlement of disputes

Any dispute relating to this sale, even if a warranty or multiple defendants would, in the absence of agreement, the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts competent for individuals, professionals Tribunal for Angers.





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